Facts and figures

Born: 23th of September 1978
Nationality: Austria
Residence: all over the world
Profession: boulderer, climber, survival artist
Philosophy: Live your life, live your dreams.
Hobbies: reading, music, dj-kicks, nature, travelling, friends


Dreamtime, fb.8c (8b+), 2nd ascent, 2001
New Base Line, fb.8c (8b+), 1st ascent, 2002
Viva La Evolution, fb.8c, 1st ascent, 2002
Moissty Maissy, fb.8b+, 2nd ascent, 2004
Veccio Leone, fb.8b, 1st ascent, 2004
Memento, fb.8c (8b+), 1st ascent, 2005
Cour de Leon, fb.8b+, 2nd ascent, 2005
Anam Cara, fb.8c+, 1st ascent, 2007
Unknown Ungraded, 1st ascent, 2008
Kings of Sonlerto, fb.8b, 2nd ascent, 2008
Entlinge, fb.8c, 2nd ascent, 2009
From the dirt grows the flower
, fb.8c, 2nd ascent, 2009
Secrets, 1st ascent, 2009
More Shining, fb.8b+, 1st ascent, 2009
Humphrey Bogart, FA, 8b, 2010
Self Aperto, FA, 8a+, 2011
Bravirabi, FA, 8b-, 2011
El Salvador, FA, 8a/b, 2011
The lazyness of comfortness, FA, 8b, 2011
Sitting in a corner with depression, FA, 8b?, 2011
Cockwalk, FA, 8b, 2012
The Shield, 8b?, 2012
4EPOAI, FA, 8b-, 2012
Last Moment, FA, 8b, 2012
Bengali Morning, FA, 8b, 2012
Ragtime, 3rd ascent, 8b+, 2012
Der Normopath, FA, 8b+, 2012
Extra long - Extra strong, FA, 2012
Godless heavy blanket, FA, 2012
Fauler Willi, FA, 8b+, 2013
Heritage, 4th ascent, 8b+, 2013
Shantaram, FA, 2013