Exactly a year ago, it was still hard to lift up my iron pan from the oven.
The fall ...
The fall wasn't the problem – the problem was the sudden stop :-)
In bouldering you learn to be patient, and I thought that was one of my strongest character traits.
Flashback 2015
Turning 37 this year was great. Mind and body recovered completely from all little injuries. I was back on the boulders to 100%, without a compromise, ready to attack! It's such a [...]
Red Bull Five Blocks
The ‘Project’ has been conquered. Teamwork, tactics and top sporting performances at the Red Bull Five Blocks in Galtür
Living in the mountains
I should be in the Indian Himalaya right now. With three months of preparation behind me I was highly motivated to get back on my project there, which I’ve been trying for the last [...]
The last foreigner
It’s already the sixth time that I am coming back to this mountain village at the foot of „Shivalinga“. By now, the inhabitants have gotten to know me, and also know what my [...]
When it rains, it pours
It`s been a while since my last report here on this page. The last entry had the title "When it's going, it's going", and gave some insight into a climber's life.
"Wenn's laft, doann lafts" sagt man locker und beschreibt damit einen Zustand des Ichs, den Mensch nicht aufgeben will und an den man nicht denkt, wenn er ist.
Silk Road Adventures
The ancient Silk Road was the means of transportation for goods from India and China to Europe. Vice versa, I wanted to transport my crashpads from Flirsch to India along this [...]
"if there are no rocks there is no happiness"
these words of an iranian climber i will never forget. they describe the lebensgefuehl of many young people here in iran.
… unclimbed chunks of rocks with some kind of structure in it. It sounds so simple, but exactly those simple things make life hard for climbers.
Watch you inspiration
The Himalaya had always fascinated me. Always I had wanted to see the biggest Mountain Range in the world with my own eyes.
Same, same ... but different
Wanderlust ... it is a strange concept. The desire to discover the unknown ... far away places ... What is this? It is an attraction to distant, random places on our Planet.
Bouldering grades
Zangerl analyzes the pros and cons of the current grading system and its claimed objectivity, discussing the role of sponsors - and of media above all - and underscoring the need [...]
Bouldering, a natural way of playing
Bouldering has become a very popular sport. In Switzerland, bouldering walls are sprouting in schools and specialized bouldering gyms are opening incessantly. By the end of the [...]
The Normopath
Springtime is coming to its end, the hot summertimes are waiting and I noticed that I didn't make any "announcements" for a very long time.
I love granite! It is absolutely my favorite rocktype for bouldering. Usually the lines on granite rocks are so evident and pure, or sometimes just not possible ever to be climbed [...]
Ray and I
The first time I met RAY in Berlin. It was 5.00 o'clock in the morning. I was a bit edgy, he was relaxed. I wanted to climb the molecular man at dawn. Ray was in charge for "THE  [...]
Charity Bouldern in Flirsch 2011
Unglaublich aber war, das Charity Bouldern wurde heuer zehn Jahre! Es war ein großartiges und buntes Event, und ich möchte gleich zu Beginn ein recht herzliches DANKESCHÖN an alle [...]
Back home
In 2002 I travelled to South Africa for the first time. More exactly: I went to the Rocklands. The whole place, as it’s name already tells, is covered with boulders and walls for [...]
Mother India
Either you like it or hate it! India is a country of diversity. 1,2 billion inhabitants, 34 official languages, more than 100 dialects. Hinduism, Buddhism and many other religious [...]
Blockhunting ...
10 years ago most people had no clue what bouldering really was; people couldn’t even pronounce the word properly. I still remember the day when a hiker came around the corner, [...]