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Same, same ... but different
Wanderlust ... it is a strange concept. The desire to discover the unknown ... far away places ... What is this? It is an attraction to distant, random places on our Planet.
This is an emotion that I am very familiar with. Yet, I am on the search for something very specific in these distant places. Maybe it is my inquisitive nature that is the catalyst to this desire. I am repeatedly pushed to these wonderful and alluring places. What am I really searching for? My search takes me to Boulders, undiscovered lines and new challenges. These chunks of rocks capture my attention. To me they are inspirational and a way of channeling my motivation.
Pioneer climber and boulderer Oskar Eckstein (1895) already stated that climbers should be vagabonds. So when the conservative followers have advanced, then it is time to move on, and broaden ones horizons. Additionally, one will be rewarded with the discoverer bonus: If you are the discoverer of an area, then you can choose the most aesthetic lines. Every time I find a new area it reminds me of my first days in Ticino. I am overcome by a type of inquisitive nervousness in the search for the best lines. Running and searching, ... searching and running. It is like trying to create a bit of order in a new world. Like a world that shortly before seemed endlessly far away. Now, finally arriving at the ultimate goal. Overwhelmed by a feeling of joy, the air is electrified at every twist and turn. This is what Columbus must have felt with his discoveries.
I've discovered many great lines all over the world. From every exploration tour, I return with even more projects: problems I checked out, but couldn’t climb in time (or I was just to weak :). In other cases, I lost motivation after having achieved all the single moves separately and instead went on to the next piece of rock. What I love most, is when parts of the puzzle are still missing, not knowing whether a problem is possible or not, whether a hold can be held, a jump jumped. Of course, it's quite gratifying as well to finally climb through the whole sequence. :)
In the last two years, I was finally able to link some of those singles moves and opened a bunch of great boulders in different countries. Most of them stayed off the radar of web 2.0. (If you are not in the web, you are not alive ;) Recently, rumors arrived here in Ticino: Zangerl is more enjoying his life, travels a lot and is tired of hard bouldering. That is partly true: I AM enjoying my life! Together with friends, I visited several countries in the last year. With our bouldering pads as faithful companions, we traveled in Italy, to the Indian Himalaya and once again along the endless Norwegian coastline. All the time pushing my own limits in bouldering. 2012 was one of my best years on the rock :)
I updated my "Highlights" list with some of the new problems. So now, rumors can start again.
In the photo gallery you find new pictures from Stefan Kuerzi and some from Elie Chevieux! The report from the latest Himalaya Trip is coming soon!
Have a great year 2013!
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