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The Himalaya had always fascinated me. Always I had wanted to see the biggest Mountain Range in the world with my own eyes.
Since I was a little child, thousands of pictures and stories have been captured in my memory. One day I would experience my own story. The icy 8000m peaks, the overcrowded basecamps and the queue to Mt.Everest were not my interests. I wanted to travel the Himalaya off the beaten tracks, I wanted to meet the local people and experience their culture in this challenging environment, and of course: I WANTED TO FIND BOULDERS!
In 2010 I visited India for my first time, and immediately fell in love with this country of diversity. Together with Fred Nicole and Elie Chevieux I explored the „Valley of Gods“ in Himachal Pradesh. Later that year I went back with several friends and traveled around in Spiti Valley. To me, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most fascinating regions of India. Its geographical inaccessibility has resulted in their attracting the sporadic attention of only the most tenacious of travellers in the past. Recent years have seen an increase in tourist attention, but it's still a little adventure to travel in those areas.
Adventure is part of life and in fall 2012 I made my fourth trip to India. Together with my brother Alexander, friend and Strongman Alexander Luger from Vorarlberg and Ray Demski and Jasmine Ellis we spent several weeks in the mountains. After my first extended bouldering break last summer, I was highly motivated, feeling in very good shape. My friends, and the simple and quiet life in the Himalaya seemed to push me even more to boulder strong at my personal limits. I opened a bunch of inspiring lines, which I had already spotted on my trips before, but had had no chance to climb then. Alexander Luger, who joined the trip for several weeks, was in charge of the „longer boulders“. HE successfully opened stunning trad routes.
Pictures tell more than words! Ray Demski did not only make rapid progress in his bouldering skills, he also had sufficient time to follow us on our „mission“ and made some stunning pictures. Enjoy!
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