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Blockhunting ...
10 years ago most people had no clue what bouldering really was; people couldn’t even pronounce the word properly. I still remember the day when a hiker came around the corner, looked at me in disbelief and asked is this training to climb real mountain.
I tried to explain to him that this boulder is my “real mountain” - but he didn’t understand. At this stage of the sport it was still quiet in the woods and up in the mountains; no rules, no discussions and tons of boulders waiting to be found, brushed, and their sequence decoded. I loved it from the first day. I spent many days in Magic Wood, Silvapark, Ticino or other areas to find new problems and brushing rocks and opened about 600 problems all over the world. Although some of my first ascents have been blasted since I started, others still remain highlights of the sport. There are the wellknown classics, whereas others are unknown and the holds are covered by moss again. Some ascents are good problems to play around on but others you should not risk a fall.
A lot has changed recently. This special way of climbing was initially carried out by few individuals, and it was unimaginable that it could ever grow so fast in popularity. Now bouldering is a mainstream outdoor sport and attracts many fashionable, high profile characters. The Mountain Sports Industry has even welcomed us into their catalogues.
My motivation and my passion to go out and find new problems is still the same. The search for the perfect boulder and the perfect move will go on. I don’t even know what it really is, but suddenly it’s in front of me, and all I want to do is climb it.
On this new page you can follow my “search”, and I’ll let you know, if I find it - the perfect one. In the meantime enjoy the gallery from all over the world. May you find inspiration in it.
Go out and search a block…..
i hope you find it…
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