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Red Bull Five Blocks
The ‘Project’ has been conquered. Teamwork, tactics and top sporting performances at the Red Bull Five Blocks in Galtür
Ten top international boulderers and five challenging boulder problems – at the Red Bull Five Blocks from 6 - 9 August, some of the world’s top climbers had a rendezvous in Paznaun, Austria, as they dared to accept the invitation of Bernd Zangerl to take on five carefully selected highballs up to eight metres tall. The award for Best Line/Best Style ultimately went to Germany’s Alexander Megos, while Britain’s Ned Feehally and Finland’s Anthony 'Andy' Gullsten were crowned Best Team.
First ascents and reascents
‘Too Young to Die’, ‘False Gods’, ‘Skiroute 4’, ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘Project’ were the names of the highballs up to eight metres tall that were on the athletes’ to-do list. Along with pulling off a reascent of False Gods, the climbing aces starred by making the first ascents of Project. Although Bernd Zangerl has been exploring the possibility for a number of years, this spectacular highball with the shape of a roof gable has remained unconquered – until the Red Bull Five Blocks. 
“It’s a highball straight out of a picture book,” says an excited Alexander Megos. Due to the small holds and a challenging section in the middle, this rock was no walk in the park even for the likes to the German climbing star, especially after three days of climbing and skin that was feeling and showing the strain. The Project was a fitting grand finale to the Red Bull Five Blocks in Silvapark Galtür – and after five first ascents on five different lines it is now ready to be officially named by the first climbers. 
Coming together of bouldering aces 
While the sheer challenges that the demanding highballs in Silvapark represented were the centre of the athletes’ attention, they also greatly enjoyed the chance the event gave them to get together. The UK’s Ned Feehally says “I was able to get to know a few guys here that I haven’t met in person before. It was a lot of fun to boulder on these fantastic highballs together with all these outstanding athletes.”
Best Team & Best Line
Even if the competition between the individual boulderers took a back seat during the event, there was a lot to boulder for with the ten experts aiming to win both the Best Team and Best Line/Style categories. Bernd Zangerl and his team of spotters kept a scorecard of who was taking on the highballs with the most style and which team was working together most effectively. The final result was extremely close. Bernd Zangerl says “it was a really difficult and close decision, and they all deserve an honour,” in emphasising his respect for the athletes’ first-class performances. In the end, young German boulderer Alexander Megos just had his nose in front, and left with the award for Best Line/Best Style. Taking the Best Team honour for their outstanding climbing performance and impressive team spirit were Britain’s Ned Feehally and Anthony 'Andy' Gullsten from Finland.
At the Red Bull Five Blocks Highball Invitational from 6 to 9 August, ten top international boulderers accepted Bernd Zangerl’s invitation to come to Galtür. Together they were taking on, in the demanding sport, five carefully selected highballs, along with other challenges. Athletes taking part at the Red Bull Five Blocks were: David Firnenburg (GER), Alexander Megos (GER), Giuliano Cameroni (SUI), Niccolò Ceria (ITA), Ned Feehally (UK), Anthony 'Andy' Gullsten (FIN), Guntram 'Gu' Jörg (AUT), Rustam Gelmanov (RUS), Amma Sachi (JPN) and Mauro Schwaszta (AUT).
Videos of Red Bull Five Blocks
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