“There are only limits, when you accept them.”

“Bouldering is about creativity, pushing limits. It’s my way of life.”

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Looking for new Lines @ my happy Place ❤️ 🔥🎁
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145 kids did their first boulders this week ❤️🙏

beautiful days with perfect weather & lots of smiling faces  @galtuer_tirol ❤️❤️

The 3rd edition of the “Raiffeisen Boulder Experience” is already over & we are overwhelmed & hopefully the parents find time to go bouldering with their kids in summer. 🙏❤️

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It’s this time of the year ❤️🙏🍀 

Spielerisch Bouldern lernen, Spaß haben & einen Tag in den Bergen Galtürs genießen ❤️ 

Silvapark is rocking again 🔥

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WHAT ? 🤔 

Time is already over here in rakchham🥲  the weather has been great & I was coming closer to finish off some of the hardest boulders here in the valley 🔥 looking forward to colder temperatures in fall saison 😊 I was also busy working on the guide book & I give it all to publish it this year my friends. 

The #moonboard is also getting ready ❤️ 
Thanks to all my friends which made this trip special ❤️ 

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Tessin, Switzerland

The world’s hardest boulder problem of that time, Dreamtime was the first boulder graded with Fb.8C, opened by legendary Fred Nicole. With this ascent I caught widespread public attention and suddenly stood in the limelight.

APRIL 15, 2001

Boulderer of the Year
Climbing Magazine, USA

In 2003 I was honored for my achievements by renowned Climbing magazine and became the first European climber to win the title: “Boulderer Of The Year“.

MARCH 15, 2003

Anam Cara
Galtür, Austria

In 2005 doctors told me for the first time that I will never will be able to crimp on small edges with my left hand again because of a bad finger injury. They told me I will never do hard boulders again, but two years later I proved myself that I can hang on the wildest crimpers again and work on impossible looking features. Anam Cara was big step in my climbing career and mental development … plus, it was one of the hardest climbs in the world back in the day.

OCTOBER 23, 2007

From the Dirt Grows the Flower
Chironico, Switzerland

Back in 2009: Worldwide, there have been only a few boulder problems and climbers who climbed in the grade 8C. In these days there have been lots of grade discussions within the climbing scene and rumors spreading the web. After making hard first ascents in my home areas of Austria, it was about time to check out “the new standard” put up by US climber Dave Graham and give it a try.

APRIL 1, 2009

Molecule Man
Berlin, Germany

That would be a great picture my friend told me, while we were on a sightseeing tour in Berlin. A few days later I climbed the Molecule Man statue in the early morning. It was a special event in my life and the view from the top over Berlin was just a unique ... so was the boat ride. 🙂



A two-hour hike into unknown mountain regions and this crazy rock formation was mine. One of my personal top dream lines, unrepeated!

MARCH 11, 2010

Osen, Norway

Many boulders have inspired me. Shantaram on the small island of Osen, Norway blew my mind. Linking its 23 holds together seemed utopian to me during my first five-week trip in 2012 but inspired by the unique mix of ocean and rocks a year later, I finally conquered the exit handle after another five weeks of intense attempts.

JUNE 11, 2013

Valle dell' Orco, Italy

For many 29.DOTS (Fb.8a+) would have been a sport climb, for me it was the tallest boulder I ever climbed. A very special moment in my climbing career with special preparation to climb such a tall boulder and difficult line without a rope.

MAY 27, 2015

Into the Sun
Murgtal, Switzerland

After my bad accident on December 29th, 2015 doctors told me I would never climb hard again. 489 days after this fall I succeeded in making the first free ascent. Into the Sun is graded 8c+, as such it checks in as one of the hardest trad climbs in the world, but, far more importantly, it marks an important comeback.

APRIL 1, 2017

Il Colonel
Valle dell' Orco

Il Colonel, in the Italian region of Piemont, is an uncompromising dream of a climb. Italian Niky Ceria put up the standstart back in 2017, and right after climbing the standstart, I started looking for a way to solve this sitstart problem. I already had a possible sequence in my mind back in 2015, but I was just too weak after the accident to do so. It remained a dream until 2019. After lots of training and rehabilitation I finally was able to add two super hard moves to the existing boulder problem.

MAY 5, 2019

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Bernd Zangerl was born in 1978 in Flirsch am Arlberg, a small village located in the western part of Tyrol. Being surrounded by mountains, it didn´t take long until small Bernd started to get drawn to the majestic, mysterious and seemingly endless world of ridges, glaciers, gorges and peaks that stretched beyond his front door.



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