Wanderlust, a strange concept. The desire to discover the unknown, far away places! What is this? It is an attraction to distant, random places on our Planet. It`s an emotion that I am very familiar with. Yet, I am on the search for something very specific in these distant places. Maybe it is my inquisitive nature that is the catalyst to this desire. I am repeatedly pushed to these wonderful and alluring places. What am I really searching for? My search takes me to Boulders, undiscovered lines and new challenges. These chunks of rocks still capture my attention. 

It was such a great saison. Thanks to all the great friends and lovely people who visited Rakchham this year! It was wonderful to show you around, brush new lines, explore new sectors and work on the projects together. It`s is just great to climb with like minded people, who primarily don’t focus on the grades, but give everything in the moment and love bouldering. The motivation was high, the expectations low. The best ingredients for a successful trip. It was the fun of bouldering, the fun of movement which came all over us and we even forgot our restdays sometimes. Yes, sometimes it’s important to let loose in order to „win“. It seems that I am still getting stronger and older every year, especially on crimps. I still love them, even if there is always same pain management involved on these projects. I love amourphous, structureless pieces of rock, where it takes time to figure out holds & sequence. In Rakchham i still have plenty of them & I am curious what I will find in these magical forest in future. It turned out that I successfully topped out lines which haven’t been on my mind. On some of the climbs I don`t even know where all the power came from, but luckily my friends have witnessed these moments, or even filmed most of the FA`s. ( some footage you can find on my IG channel ) 

Enough words, enjoy the pictures and get inspired 🙂