June 13-26/2022

Modern lifestyle often means that children and young people just don’t get enough exercise. They spend much of their free time sitting in front of smartphones, computer screens and the TV for hours on end. This lifestyle unfortunately often leads people to develop health problems even at a young age. The joy of physical activity and being outdoors in nature seems to have been lost.

That’s why we created „The Raiffeisen Boulder Experience“! The prospect of adventure, play and fun will convince every child to put aside their smartphone and start moving. Furthermore, the kids spent a beautiful day in nature.


Through Bouldering, playfulness has found its way into the world of mountains.
In my workshops I attach great importance to these playful elements. Adventure, fun, and play should always be in the foreground when it comes to developing a feeling for rock and boulders. Being outdoors with a group of young climbers, doing something together, trying things out, and developing their skills: All of these strengthen a sense of community and heighten individuals‘ self-awareness. Bouldering teaches children to take responsibility and to support one another. It’s an ideal activity for developing dexterity, balance and in addition, it improves coordination skills

All schools in the Region of Landeck (Tirol) have been part of this program and in June 2022 around 300 kids came to Galtür and climbed their first boulders and up the Via Ferrata – „Little Ballun“ with local mountain guide Christoph Pfeifer and myself.

It was a beautiful experience, and if parents would have seen their happy kids here @ Silvapark Galtür, they would drive them back to the boulders immediately. I am already looking forward for the second „Raiffeisen Boulder Experience“ in 2023.