RAKCHHAM … Bridge between the worlds
(a film by Ray Demski)

The sharp rise in the number of people participating in outdoor-sports is increasing worldwide. So is the pressure on the local eco-systems. I had the opportunity to experience areas like Magic Wood, Rocklands and others in their pristine state. Sadly, I also had to witness the changes and damages which were a byproduct of the booming outdoor sports. The key to a sustainable climbing tourism lies in the hands of the local people of Rakchham. They own the land and it’s them who should benefit from the guests coming here, with profits being distributed equally in the village. After many talks with the locals we came up with some guidelines that should prevent this ‚climbing Shangri-la‘ from becoming just another ‚outdoor-gym‘.
Our motivation is simple: We care about Rakchham. So do we care about our vision: We want to protect this area and the way that local people have been living here for thousands of years. This is the only way future generations can visit this magical sanctuary area. We want climbers to be here, enjoy this breathtaking place and play in this magic Himalayan dream theatre.